Marie-Christine Gonindard | SISD
Marie-Christine Gonindard
Aug 02, 2022

Marie-Christine Gonindard

I was born in Paris and I grew up in a classical French family. Thanks to my dad, who had a passion for history, I was immersed into French history and culture from a young age.

I completed my degree in law and in language in the Pantheon -Sorbonne University. I became a lawyer in Paris then a judge before moving with my husband and my 4 children to Portugal.

I have always been convinced that teaching empowers kids to be more responsible and well armed for their lives as citizens.So 10 years ago, I started to teach French language and literature in an IB school in Lisbon in the MYP and DP curriculum. As an IB examiner I took the responsibility at heart to ensure that all the children were best prepared to face the standards of IB and the specificities of the exams. But my key priority is to create a positive environment in my own classes, to make sure that each student has room for creativity and curiosity, understanding the world and its complexity, through the pleasure of reading and debating.

Joining SISD appeared as an evidence as the philosophy and the values of the school match my vision of teaching.

In my personal life ,I adore discovering news cultures and architecture. So Dubai will be perfect for me.