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Nelson Barrios
Jul 11, 2019

Nelson Barrios

Former Elite biathlete and cross country skier, with National and some international awards, I grew up in the French Catalan Pyrenees in the city and ski resort of Font-Romeu (a famous training and preparation center for olympian athletes). I hold a BA in Translating and Interpreting from the University of Barcelona.  After my graduation, I was offered the opportunity to move to England at the University of Wolverhampton where I studied Languages, English and European cinema.

While working for the Student Enabling Department for students with disabilities that I was inspired to work in the educational sector and also when completing my international exchange in New Hampshire, USA working as a French assistant lecturer that I decided to become a language teacher and to dedicate my life to teaching. I took on the PGCE programme at the University of Nottingham to become a teacher in 2010.

I taught French and Spanish  in  an international  environment in London and it  inspired me to become an IB teacher. in 2016 I moved to Madrid where I taught French for IB and one year later, I moved to Dubai where my career as an IB teacher flourished.