Sustainability at SISD

How does SISD promote sustainability among our students? We have several programmes in place, some of which are instituted by the administration, but we also have a lot of student-driven programmes that were actually designed by the students as well!

Each class is taking action in their own way. In Grade 4, students realized that they had enough natural light during the day that they could reduce the number of lights being turned on. Now in the mornings, the light monitor makes sure that the light panels next to the windows are kept off. They learned that electrical sockets still suck energy if something is plugged into them, even if that item has been turned off. At the end of the day, one designated students is now responsible for making sure the switch on all electrical sockets is switched off at the end of the day. Students also made awareness posters to place near light switches and electrical socket to act as reminders.

In KG1, they delegated a water monitor to make sure students don’t splash and waste water at the water play stations. In Islamic studies, students learned about the importance of water conservation and made awareness posters to remind students not to waste water and placed these next to the water fountains.

Tips for Sustainability over the Holidays

Sustainability is a problem that everyone should take part in solving, whenever and wherever they are. Over the winter break, children have a great opportunity to take what they learned about sustainable living and bring it into the home. Here are some things that you and your children can do.

Give sustainable gifts

Giving gifts that are locally produced and made with recycled materials and sustainable processes is one of the best ways to live the holiday spirit, while keeping true to mindful consumption!

Choose organic holiday food

A huge amount of food is consumed over the holidays. To reduce the environmental impact, you can choose to support food that was produced by organic producers. Organic food production reduces water consumption, pesticide use, and energy use.

Stay local for the holidays

It can be tempting to travel to different countries for the holidays. However, air travel has a substantial environmental impact. Why not stay in Dubai? There’s a huge variety of things you can do for the holidays that won’t require you to hop on a plane.

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