What are the Benefits of Nursery Rhymes?

This week at SISD we celebrated World Nursery Rhyme Week. Nursery rhymes aren’t just songs that we never seem to forget even well into adulthood; they are actually incredibly beneficial to children, fostering creativity, cognitive development, and physical skills.  Nursery rhymes aid in literacy and language development Firstly, nursery rhymes are beneficial for literacy and […]

The Benefits of Play Based Learning 

In a world that often emphasises formal education and structured lessons, the concept of play-based learning is gaining momentum. It’s a method that encourages children to learn through play, exploration, and imagination. The benefits of a play-based learning environment are multifaceted, with profound implications for a child’s cognitive, social, and emotional development. At SISD we […]

How To Keep Your Children Motivated At The Start Of Term

The start of term is an exciting time for students at schools, particularly at international schools in Dubai. It’s a fresh beginning, a chance to make new friends, and an opportunity to learn and grow. However, as parents, you may have noticed that maintaining your child’s motivation throughout the term can sometimes be a challenge, […]