10 Tips On Writing An Outstanding University Application

When it comes to applying to university, your application is the key to unlocking your academic future. It’s your chance to showcase your academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and personal strengths. With so much competition for limited spots, it’s essential to make sure your application stands out against the rest, so we have come up with […]

My Higher Education application experience

Hey everyone!   I’m Kourosh, valedictorian of SISD class of 2022. I studied Math AI, Physics, and Arts HL; my SLs were Business, French B, and English. This August, I’ll begin a new journey, studying Computer Science and Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, US. Whether you’re the class of 2023 or 24 or someone […]

Why University Admissions officers favour IB students

We’ve previously mentioned how many universities prefer students who have graduated from International Baccalaureate programmes. They’re accepted at a 22% higher rate and achieve higher GPAs in general, and the academic rigour of the IB casts them in a favourable light, and some universities even provide course credits for IB subjects. This kind of preference is quite […]