Aneta Todorovska


“I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”- Albert Einstein

Born in Macedonia. Raised in Switzerland. I grew up in a bilingual house and learned to love languages. During high school I spent a summer in Los Angeles at an English summer school, and it was there I realized language could be a focal point of my life. Berlin followed, where I passed my B2 German certificate. Studying Primary Teaching at the Haute Ecole Pédagogique of Lausanne, I undertook a summer internship in Cambodia developing a curriculum and teaching underprivileged children. Languages offer so much past the theory – access to people and cultures, otherwise restricted to through the screen of a TV or through the words of an author. As part of my studies I spent a semester at University of Winchester, and upon graduation returned to the UK to teach at an international bilingual school in central London.

When outside the classroom, I enjoy cycling, practicing yoga and trying new food.

As a teacher my aim is to share my passion for learning with my pupils in a caring and positive environment.

I am looking forward to joining the SISD and to be able to carry on working with a dynamic, multicultural and passionate team.