Antoine Parseth


Through embracing the differences and individuality our young people bring to the classroom, all students can be equipped with the skills and insights necessary to navigate the obstacles of life.

After a career in the IT industry, I embarked on a journey to help out young people in New Zealand by working as a Health & Life Skills Presenter in High Schools. It was then that I realized teachers have the ability to change the world by empowering our future generation. I was lucky to have a few great teachers who had a big influence on my life and I hoped to one day be ‘that teacher’ too. This led me to re-train as a Primary Teacher, completing a Bachelor of Education (Honors in Maths and Science) at the University of Auckland. I believe all children can learn if they are equipped with the right tools to suit their individual personalities. I am from a Cambodian background; however born and raised in New Zealand. My interests include sports, performing arts and technology.