Darragh Coughlan


“Understanding Mathematics, even on a basic level, is the key to applying logical thinking in everyday life”

I have been a teacher now for 6 years – 4 of which have been here in the UAE. Since a young child, I have always wanted to persue a career in education. I come from a family of teachers who helped me to realise the importance of inspiring young people in the world today. But why Mathematics? I have always had a passion for numbers and how they work. As years went by, I became more and more interested in how these numbers can be applied to literally everything in the world around us. This realization is what I always aim for my students to see. I believe this is the key to inspiring the next generation of Mathematicians.

In terms of education, I studied Physical Education and Mathematics in the University of Limerick. Outside of my job, I love all types of sports and have been involved (both in a coaching and playing capacity) as such in pretty much every sport you could imagine – I’m really looking forward to exploring the sports facilities SISD has to offer! I’m also a keen musician and can play the guitar, two flutes, the tine whistle and the guitar.

Why SISD? I have a number of friends in Dubai who have taught in SISD (either currently or in the past), and every one of them has urged me to try and take a position in such a prestigious school. When the opportunity arose, I had no choice but to go for it. I’m really excited about joining the team in August.