Fiona Ryan


A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new – Albert Einstein

With over 12 years experience in Education, and over 8 years leadership experience, I am thrilled to join SISD as Deputy Head of Early Years.

I feel privileged to spend my days with the youngest members of our school community, ensuring they have the best and most positive start to their life-long learning journey.

I graduated with a B.Ed from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland and was awarded the ‘Vere Foster’ medal for attaining the highest mark within my cohort in Teaching Practice and Curriculum areas of Education.

Prior to moving to the UAE, I worked in Dublin, where I specialised in Music Therapy, Phonics and Inclusion provision. I have spent summers volunteering in developing schools in Kolkata, India and teaching English in parts of South America.

My Senior leadership journey began in Dubai, after joining GEMS Wellington International School (WIS) in 2017 occupying the roles of; Head of Year, Head of Early Years and Primary Assistant Head Teacher, with KHDA awarding 10 years Outstanding to our Early Years department; in recognition of excellent provision. In 2019, I joined Deira International School, Dubai as Primary Assistant Head Teacher, playing an integral role in their journey to Outstanding, successfully leading on the Early Years Department, Emirati Provision and Student Leadership

I am an iPGCE & iQTS Lead Mentor with Birmingham University for student teachers, and have completed my PENTA inspector qualifications level 1&2.

In my personal life, I love to travel; with over 70 countries explored so far. I like to find new, quirky places to have a cup of coffee, I enjoy running, and spending quality time with family and friends and listening to podcasts. I’m an advocate for positive well-being and believe that every cloud has a silver lining!