Joseph Varghese


“Education ought to take precedence over the IT landscape, not the reverse”

With a wealth of experience spanning over 15 years in the education sector, I specialize in harnessing the power of technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

My expertise encompasses a wide array of tools and systems, including school assessments, Management Information Systems (MIS), Virtual Learning Environments (VLE), and robotics. Through effective leadership and communication, I inspire teams to achieve heightened productivity and excellence in project execution.

Driven by a fervent passion for leveraging technology to drive educational outcomes, I thrive on challenges that demand innovation and strategic thinking. From setting up IT infrastructure for new schools to optimizing existing systems, my proficiency spans across platforms such as Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, VMware, and Aruba.

As a proficient user of Microsoft 365 EDU, adept in iPad/BYOD setups, web filtering, backup strategies, and cyber security, I ensure that educational environments are not only technologically advanced but also secure and conducive to learning.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I am an avid enthusiast of Flight Simulations and engage in Socio-Environmental work during my leisure time.