Nissreen Al Solh


“A student’s progress should be measured in terms of the questions they are asking, not merely by the answers that they are reciting”
Robert John Meehan

I am a proud mom of three kids, Sara 17, Omar 16 and Tala is 13.

I was born and raised in Syria and I got my Faculty of Law degree from Damascus University. I moved to UAE when I got married and I have lived here ever since. When I first started teaching, I was an Arabic & Islamic substitute teacher as a first and second language in UAS. I was blessed to start my fixed teaching job in the Islamic department in 2015 then I joined the Arabic department as an Arabic B teacher in 2019. I am currently studying to get my Higher Diploma in Teaching.

I enjoyed teaching from the first day and I still do. Being a teacher introduces me to different cultures and pushes me to challenge my abilities. Additionally, being a mom helped me understand parents’ concerns and interests in wanting the best for their kids which made me build a strong relationship with my students and their parents based on trust, respect and transparency.

Language is a way to learn and immerse yourself into different cultures. I am excited to provide the right tools to my students that allow them to lead their own educational journey