Veronique Estelle Mouandjo


“It always seems impossible until it is done.”- Nelson Mandela

I was born in Cameroon, where I grew up and completed my education. After my degree in bilingual letter, I decided to work as primary French teacher for four years because of the love I have for children. With time, I felt like teaching is not enough to help and to bring more joy around me, I had to do more, by taking care of people with special needs, here started my nursing joining, after my degree as state registered Nurse, I worked for three years in different department at Mbalmayo District hospital. For me it wasn’t enough, I decided to go around the world to embrace news Technologies, culture and mentalities I found myself in Dubai. Working at SISD as a Boarding Assistant is a privilege for me it  will be challenging but exiting .i believe that in life we learn through experience and challenges ,what a better way than an amazing school and community  that gives you the opportunity to improve  your skills true different training and activities without any barrier with togetherness as value ,it doesn’t matter where you are coming from ,you will be welcome which language are you speaking  you will find your place .I look forward to develop my knowledge and performance. To be, in an international school with IB curriculum is great because it always keeps your intelligence awake. Pastoral care is the main role in the house and my vision is to go forward with some specific training that can help me to always be useful and accessible to help to improve my department.