Yousra Ibrahim


“If you believe, you can achieve”

I was born and raised in Alexandria, which is a Mediterranean city in Egypt. I have always been interested in Early Childhood Education and other grades which helped me search, learn and enrich my educational and professional career to be a successful and inspiring academic teacher for younger learners.
My journey started in Alexandria for four years and two years in Dubai; I moved to Dubai to expand my professional abilities and seek new challenges in the educational field in the UAE. I have always loved teaching. Working with children is motivating as it did help me enrich a lot of my personal and educational skills. As, Robert John said, “Great teachers rose to the top not by chance but through passion and purpose.”
My hobbies include taking photos, adventurous activities, fitness classes, travelling, and discovering new places and exploring new cultures.
I am very excited to be part of the SISD community; it’s a new challenge that I am looking forward to a year full of fun, learning and adventures.