The advantages of Flexi Boarding

Swiss International School in Dubai’s boarding school is an excellent model of pastoral care. Parents can be assured that children who board with us will be nurtured and provided for.

Reserved exclusively for existing SISD students, the flexi-boarding package is an addition to our full and weekly boarding options. Flexi-boarding allows students to remain on campus and stay at the boarding house for a minimum stay of 6 nights. There are many reasons why this option might be ideal for families. Students who have long daily commutes to and from school might prefer to break up their travelling during periods of high co-curricular commitments. In addition, students who wish to dedicate more time to prep and revision would benefit from being in school for longer periods. Occasional boarding can provide convenient support for parents with busy work schedules or allow them to take short breaks or holidays during term-time, without disrupting their child’s education.


Flexi-boarding presents a unique solution for many busy parents, and students who need to get things done. Students will be able to make use of our high-quality boarding facilities, and of course the rest of the school’s facilities during their stay. Having this option available affords plenty of advantages for any family.

Parents are assured of a place for their child to stay even in an emergency

Expats know all too well the need for a flexible schedule for travel or emergencies. Having the option of flexi-boarding provides them with a solution for their children to stay with a trusted caregiver while they’re away.

Students get a great place for times of intense study or group projects

Distractions at home can interfere with studying, especially when it comes to big exams. Our students are offered the option to spend a few days at our boarding school, which provides an excellent environment for study, thanks to a carefully-considered balance between study, tutoring sessions, and sports and activities to reduce stress from thinking about the exams.

Flexi-boarding would also be highly conducive to collaborative work among classmates, allowing them to work together in person without time constraints of people coming and going home.

Students are offered a taste of independence

Students who are reluctant to commit to boarding can ease themselves into the practice by making use of our flexi-boarding options to try it a little at a time, spending a few days and getting used to it, making new friends and experiencing what it’s like to be under our caregivers’ wings.

Others who don’t plan on boarding long-term or regularly but want to try and get a sense of independence may also choose flexi-boarding.

A host of options for you and your child

SISD’s boarding school options can be tailor-made to suit your child’s needs, without sacrificing the quality of service that they receive while we host them. If you haven’t yet considered having your child board with us, this is a perfect way to ease them – and you – into what may very well become their second home!

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