What are the benefits of weekly boarding? 

In the last few years, weekly boarding has become an increasingly popular option for parents. Weekly boarding means students stay at the boarding school Monday to Friday and return home at the weekend. This option provides a balance between the boarding experience and the comforts of home.   

Weekly boarding offers students qualified academic support 

Our boarders have the unique advantage that teachers serve as mentors, fostering open communication and providing academic support beyond regular class hours. Indeed, every day after school our boarding students are tutored by our highly qualified teachers. They come to the boarding house to offer academic support in various subjects. This ensures that all students are completing their projects and homework in a timely manner and preparing for exams effectively. 

Weekly boarding supports students’ emotional and physical wellbeing  

Our secondary counsellor regularly visits the boarding house to ensure that students are feeling heard and supported emotionally. Because of her extensive experience with secondary at SISD, our counsellor is uniquely positioned to understand the challenges of our boarding students. Additionally, our students’ physical health is also in good hands. Our highly qualified doctor and team of nurses are available on campus. 

Weekly boarding is a great option for student athletes 

Our boarders have full access to all of our sporting facilities after school: our FIFA sized football pitch, basketball courts, padel courts, tennis courts, olympic-sized swimming pool, fully-equipped weight and cardio rooms, indoor and outdoor running tracks. All of these great facilities available within walking distance. 

Who is weekly boarding a good option for? 

Weekly boarding can benefit a wide array of families and situations. Firstly, it is a good option for students who participate in a lot of sports and need to be driven to practice early in the morning and from fixtures late in the evening. Additionally, it is a great option for parents who travel a lot and do not wish for their child to be left in the house. It is also an ideal solution for parents who would like their children to benefit from more rigorous academic support. Finally, it can be beneficial to students who live far away from school and endure long commutes to and from school every day. 

Weekly boarding can improve family life 

There are a few ways in which weekly boarding can improve family life and the quality of time spent together. Indeed, as students are supported academically throughout the week, when they arrive home at the weekend they can spend uninterrupted time with their families without worrying about homework. Similarly, parents are able focus on their work commitments during the week. So, when the weekend comes around, they can offer their children their undivided attention. 

Weekly boarding prepares students for university and beyond 

Being a boarding student helps develop life skills and fosters responsibility. Being away from home encourages students to become more responsible by managing their time, keeping their spaces clean, and building and maintaining relationships with their peers and the adults around them. Additionally, our student body is incredibly diverse, boasting more than 100 different nationalities.  This cultural diversity helps our students become even more open-minded and offers them a unique cultural understanding. 

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