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We at Swiss International Scientific School as an international school in Dubai understands the importance and benefits of bilingual education for promoting international mindedness and enriching the learning experience for students.  The bilingual pathways in secondary are designed to build and extend a child’s learning through 2 languages of instruction from their primary education.   

Students learning through a bilingual pathway develop not only their language skills in both languages, they also have a deeper understanding different perspectives, cultures and backgrounds.   

We offer bilingual pathways for French/English and German/English, where students will engage in 3 MYP subject areas in either French or German as the language of instruction (including Language and Literature) in grades 6-8.  Bilingual pathways in grades 9-12 will be dependent on the best pathway for each student in their preparation firstly for their Senior School programme (IBCP or IBDP) which then informs their trajectory to university and career options. 

The secondary learning community is a language rich environment where students share their ideas and thinking of learning concepts, creating deeper cultural awareness and embracing being global citizens.  

The benefits of being bilingual go beyond the ability to communicate in another language. Bilingualism gives children a broader perspective of the world

about bilingualism

The effects of bilingualism on the brain

It once was a common misconception that being bilingual worsened your cognitive abilities, confused children or even delayed their development.

Dispelling myths about bilingualism

SISD is one of the few bilingual schools in the UAE, offering English/French, English/German, and English with French or German as a second language.

6 things you might not know about bilingualism!

Bilingualism is much more than learning another language. How well people speak a second language (or more) depends on age, family life, language education.

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