What makes SISD a Scientific School?


Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai. That’s the official name of our proud school, SISD. It’s what’s displayed on our website and our social media posts.

It’s simple enough to understand, of course.

Swiss – because we are a Swiss school, adopting the Swiss educational system, and having been founded by Mr. Omar Danial, a citizen of Switzerland.

International, indeed, because we use the International Baccalaureate curriculum for all of our students, preparing them to become global citizens.

But what about Scientific? What makes SISD a scientific school?

Well, for starters, we’re located in Healthcare City, a zone within Dubai that is devoted to providing world-class medical facilities, medical research institutions, equipment, and more, all in service of the science of healthcare.

On the education side, we provide our students with top-quality facilities for instruction in the STEAM field, including four science labs and a prep room in our secondary building. We also have a Technology and Innovation lab, a food technology lab, and two workshop labs, all in service of our students’ education.

We’ve also enhanced our programme in the PYP (Early Years and Primaryt) with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) education. The STEAM programme teaches design thinking and design processes, as well as computational thinking, all to prepare young minds for a future society and workforce that will be more tech-driven than ever. This programme is empowered by resources such as Apple’s Education technology and a project-based approach, and even includes units of inquiry on the scientific method. It also conforms to global technology education standards such as the Next Generation Science Standards, International Standards for Technology Education, and UNESCO Education for Sustainable Development.

With our STEAM programme, we want to take our Scientific DNA to the next level and further diversify the way we teach to increase personalization. Our students will be more creative, they will further enhance their critical thinking skills and recognize the intersection of art, science, technology, engineering, and math. We strongly believe that this programme will reinforce our commitment to nurturing students’ entrepreneurial sparks and interest  in the jobs of the future.

Learn more about the importance of STEAM education in the Early Years.

Besides our core curriculum, we also implement Common Sense Media’s Digital Citizenship Curriculum, which aims to instill values in students that will be essential in navigating a world that’s becoming more and more interconnected, through the digital age.

Alongside this, we promote technology awareness and fluency, and innovation among our students, with topics such as programming, app development, 3D printing and 3D modeling taught in the classroom. Our Innovation Labs are also available for Secondary students and boarding students alike to use in their free time, enabling personal projects and scientific learning outside of the curriculum.

And to top it all off, our wide variety of After-School Activities includes clubs for robotics, coding, and others that foster further learning in the scientific fields.

As an institution of learning, we want to expose our children to the scientific world in ways that aren’t just about encyclopedic learning or skill building, but also to keep them up-to-date with various fields of inquiry. The various talks we hold that inform our students are a testament to that.

These are truly what make SISD a Scientific School, and we aim to lead the charge in innovation in scientific education in Dubai.

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