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Parent testimonials

Our daughter Skay is in grade 12, and she has joined SISD 3 years ago. The amazing premises and infrastructure, a completely immersive bilingual program and small classes with personalized teaching approach make SISD stand out from other schools. However, there is much more to it. We observed Skay becoming more and more autonomous, outspoken and self-confident. She developed into a balanced  and happy young adult, knowing what she wants and standing out for herself while caring for others. This is not something a school can teach in a classroom only, it is about the experience and values that are lived every day and by everyone. And this is what really makes SISD special.

– Parents of Skay (Grade 12)

After living 10 years in Hong Kong and 4 years in London, we wanted to make sure that our children continue to be exposed to a bilingual education and most importantly diversity in the classroom. In that regard, the Swiss International School in Dubai is the school of more than 75 nationalities and our children study alongside Emiratis, Chinese, French, English, and German students. They are not only following a bilingual English/French curriculum but also have the opportunity to continue studying Chinese at the school. This is quite unique in Dubai.

– Parents of Edouard (KG2), Eléonore (Grade 3) and Victor (Grade 7)

You have a lot of amazing teachers in your team, warm, committed and enthusiastic  – you handled the COVID situation very well, we were so happy that the children could return somewhat to ‘normal’ school life and we felt very safe thanks to all the precautions you took  -your facilities are amazing.

– Parents of Early Years students

The Primary leadership team is very responsive, and the front desk staff are exceptionally warm and helpful with information and also with crisis handling. A wonderful parent community too.

– Parents of Primary students

Safe and diverse environment: no dominant groups: the school is truly international.  Respectful and positive towards each other, and the school has an “Every child is important” type of mentality.

Not ‘this is the top group’ and ‘you are not’ approach. We are blessed our kids are doing very well and I don’t want them to be positioned as you are different now. The future is about teamwork and excellence through collaboration and passion.  Committed and engaged teachers. Approachable.

– Parents of Secondary student

My daughter is in her 4th year of attending SISD now and my son in his 2nd year. We have always found the staff at SISD very professional and friendly. We mainly speak English at home and through the English/ French bilingual program at SISD, my daughter is now also fluent in French and increasing her vocabulary weekly, which we are very pleased with. My son is also making very good progress with both languages. Throughout the pandemic we could not be happier with the way SISD has implemented & maintained very good safety procedures in allowing the school to stay open for our children to attend daily in a safe environment. We were happy with the distance learning program when the schools were closed during 2020.

Both my children have always been very happy attending SISD and they have both made wonderful friendships with people from all over the world.

– Parents of Taylor (Grade 4)

Very warm and welcoming staff and teachers, which was so lovely as our 2 small daughters joined mid-year (in January 2020) but they helped them integrate from the start and really enjoy their time at school.

– Parents of Early Years and Primary students

Amazing teachers, great facilities, well behaved kids – 100% face to face learning during the pandemic which we are so grateful for too.

– Parents of Primary and Secondary students

Well-rounded and well thought out curriculum. Very professional and engaged teaching staff.  Excellent communication to parents.

– Parents of Primary and Secondary students

The school managed the COVID situation very well and the children could go to the school all year! WELL DONE!  Bilingual system works very well, kids speak both languages fluently.

– Parents of Primary student

I feel that the teaching curriculum is very well done, and I think the teachers are very good. I am also very happy with how the school deals with problems.

– Parents of Primary student

The school has succeeded in creating a good community feeling. They have also created a nice environment for the kids so that they enjoy going to school.

– Parents of Early Years student

“Coming from Switzerland 5 years ago, it was important for my husband and I that our kids got a full immersion in a school where they could learn English, but also could keep and continue the learning of our mother tongue, French. The bilingual aspect that SISD proposes was perfect for us. How great is it to have a week in English and a week in French (or German)? No other schools offer this concept.
Then I’ll be honest – we were not at all familiar with the IB curriculum, our kids were at a public school in Switzerland, and you do not choose the curriculum. So, I found it interesting to try something else, and yes it took us few months to understand the vision of the IB, its concepts, the way of teaching etc… but now, we will never change the children from this curriculum. The benefits of it for our kids are so many: to think critically, understand concepts, multi-cultural awareness and many more.. 

But most important for us is to see our kids happy to go at school, this has no price! Education can be so difficult, and it is a long time until they find their profession – children must have fun and feel happy in school.  

Even now, under their masks, I know that our kids are still smiling at the drop off time each and every morning.”

– Miriam Burger (Primary and Secondary parent)

SISD has provided a lot of extra academic support to both my children including reading and language support. I have seen exceptional progress. In addition, both my children received counselling from the school counsellor. These sessions were extremely beneficial and helped my children a lot. I have been so impressed with the school this past year with how much support my children have been receiving. It is obvious to me that SISD has a deep care towards the continuing success of my children.

– Parent of Secondary student

A great community of staff and families, feels like home. We had an amazing year at school despite COVID – probably the best school in Dubai dealing with the situation with almost no school days interruption which means kids haven’t lost any of the curriculum like they have in other schools. My children are very happy in this school and love going to school, there is no better testament!

– Parent of Early Years and Primary students

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Miriam Burger

Isabel Reeves

Laura Mecattaf

Teacher testimonials

Karina Ross

Early Years Teacher

I have worked at SISD for three years and have loved it. Through working at SISD I have gained experience that I could not have gained anywhere else. I have been fortunate enough to see just how successful learning in more than one language can be and the cross curricular opportunities that come with this. The Early years is set up for full play and investigative learning that allows the students to grow and shine in both languages. I have also loved my first year of co teaching. Another experience that has really added to my professional development and would only be possible at SISD. The diverse staff and students at SISD have really made it a special place to be in an already diverse city

Charles Cejka

Secondary Teacher

The entire school community is diverse and it is a pleasure to work with staff who come from different cultures and speak many different languages. Furthermore, the staff are highly qualified professionals and approach teaching in a passionate and serious manner. Professional development is a focus of the school and teachers have the opportunity to grow and develop their teaching skills. The facilities at the school are world-class and the science laboratories are well-equipped to conduct a range of experiments in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The IB MYP and IB DP are demanding for students, but the focus on inquiry is an effective preparation for life at university and the real world. The emphasis on authentic problem solving allows teachers to be creative in delivering lessons within the IB framework.

Tamara Grannell

Grade 1 Teacher

I have had the pleasure of experiencing first hand, the development of the French/ English bilingual stream at SISD, which has grown and developed and is now fully imbedded into the students daily lives. Students naturally speak both French and English in our classroom and it has been a joy to see students progress in multiple languages.I have worked at SISD for 5 years as an English teacher, KG2 coordinator and now Grade 1 coordinator. I have had such a positive experience working in both the Early Years and Primary schools and have enjoyed co – teaching with some incredible teachers.

Samantha Hodges

Grade 5 Teacher

I think SISD has a vibrant faculty, where talented professionals collaborate to provide excellent results for our students. With outstanding facilities and infrastructure, the environment is an inspiring workplace with a warm community of staff, parents and students alike. 

Jonathan Harkin

Primary Teacher

I am very grateful to be part of the SISD team for the 2020/21 academic year. Since joining SISD, I have been made to feel extremely welcome by each member of staff. The positivity that flows through the school is contagious and energizing. The support, I receive from other members of staff, motivates me to raise my standards and become a better educator, colleague, and person. The huge focus on Well-being is evident and the impact is clear to see in the outstanding teaching and learning being done throughout the school. The repour you see between colleagues, teachers and students really shows of the unity that SISD thrives upon.