Why the IB and boarding are compatible

The IB learner profile is at the core of the IB programme and outlines the attributes valued by IB World Schools. As an IB boarding school, we believe we create the perfect environment for IB learners. Here are 8 IB learner attributes boarding schools can help develop.


Arriving in a new country and a new school is a great opportunity for learning. Because it pushes students to be curious about their new home and their new classmates. This kind of curiosity can create a new-found appreciation and interest for learning as they grow independently, and together.


Communication is a key part of boarding. Communicating across cultures and languages to get to know your fellow boarders. But, also, learning how to communicate to your tutors any needs or concerns you have.


Being principled is learning how to take responsibility for our actions and their consequences. As a boarder you learn to become more responsible and independent as you live away from your parents or guardians. So, you must take on the responsibility of completing your homework on time or going to sleep at a reasonable time.


Open-mindedness is a quality that is so essential as it changes the way we relate to and see the world. In a boarding school, particularly in a multicultural place like Dubai, you will be exposed to a wide variety of different cultures. Further, it will teach you to appreciate and respect other people’s culture and how to learn from it.


In boarding school, you start to see everyone around you as a second family. This is essential to learn the importance of treating everyone around us with empathy, compassion, and respect. As we would our own family.


Moving away to a new country and a new school is a huge change. But taking risks is often very rewarding. It can teach you resilience, how to explore new ideas and strategies and how to become resourceful in the face of any future challenges.


Learning how to balance different aspects of our lives is a huge asset. In boarding, you must learn to become independent and balance work, rest, and your social life in order to achieve well-being. Indeed, this is an essential skill to have that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.


Being offered the chance to attend a boarding school is a great opportunity. Indeed, it makes you reflect on your privilege, your place in the world and how to make the most our of the experience.

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