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Welcome to Boarding at Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai!

SISD holds itself to the highest standards of pastoral care. Our staff responds to every student need, whether it’s counseling or medical aid. Every boarding house has its own carefully selected team who care for your welfare and practical needs. They continuously monitor the well-being of the boarding students in a family atmosphere, in which all are free to express themselves. Our head of houses, deputy heads and tutors are there to not only guide you with your academic studies and interests, but also support you with your emotional needs.

Ashley Fitzgibbons
Head of Boarding


The Swiss educational system is among the very best in the world, and its boarding schools are some of the most prestigious that you could hope to find. 

Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai offers the class-leading quality for which Swiss education is known, with an International Baccalaureate Programme that prepares students for universities all over the world, and bilingual instruction in English and French or German. It also features state of the art educational facilities that rival those of boarding schools in Switzerland itself, with top-tier innovation labs in programming, 3D printing, photography, and more. SISD offers a compelling case for parents who want nothing but the best international education for their children.

However, it’s not just the core education that makes Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai a strong choice, but the various opportunities for cultural immersion and extracurricular activities as well. Our staff and students are from all over the world, creating a truly unique multicultural environment that fosters development on a variety of levels. SISD also provides a unique campus experience, with playing fields, sports halls, gyms, and even an Olympic-sized swimming pool for students to use both during school and afterwards, even on weekends. SISD isn’t just a place to study – it’s a place for students to call home, too.

Watch this short video and discover what it is like to be Boarding Student at Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai. 

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You will make friends for life

We are conveniently situated at the heart of a dynamic, cosmopolitan and culturally diverse city which is on the cutting edge of global development. The international community at Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai enables our boarding students to make lifelong friendships with young people from all over the world, and this extensive contact network will become invaluable throughout your life.


Your academic capabilities will be pushed

It is becoming increasingly clear that an IB education is the global gold standard in a world where children see their futures expanding beyond national borders. For those ready to maintain fluency in French or German alongside their English, our proven immersive approach to bilingual education provides our boarders with a crucial competitive advantage at university and the workplace.


Boarding here is fun!

Leaving home for the first time is never easy, but rest assured that every effort is made to integrate a new boarder into our warm and inviting environment.  New boarders will make friends quickly at SISD and the exciting range of afterschool and weekend activities are sure to keep you busy.  We are also located in the middle of Dubai which is a great place for outdoor activities and trips.


The SISD campus will become your home away from home

Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai boasts a world-class campus with comfortable, state of the art boarding houses, as well as excellent sports facilities. Our boarding houses cater for boarders from ages 11 to 18 and are friendly, welcoming places. The campus is a boarder’s home and it is here that they can enjoy using the Olympic size swimming pool, gym, cardio studio, sports halls and playing fields during the day, after school and on weekends.


You will be prepared for life after school

The move to college or university can be a difficult transition for some.  After graduating from our premium international school in Dubai you will be ready for the challenges of higher education because you have acquired the skills to live independently and become acquainted with new people.


We want to find your hidden talent

We believe that every young person has hidden talents.  We encourage every boarder to pursue new interests and activities.  You will become part of the community at Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai where the willingness to take risks and explore new interests becomes the norm.


Watch this short video and discover what it is like to be Boarding Student at Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai.

At SISD we cater for boarders who live all over the world, but also for those who live within the UAE.


Full Boarding

Full boarding students spend the semester on campus and return home for the holidays. Full boarders enjoy a range of enthralling evening and weekend activities, but they also have time to relax, catch up on homework and use the facilities on campus. If a full boarder has a guardian or family member who lives locally, they are able to visit them off-campus, but only with the permission of the parents.

Weekly Boarding (Monday – Friday)

Weekly boarding students are able to fully immerse themselves in life on campus during the weekdays, and then return home on weekends. Weekly boarding students join the boarding house on a Sunday evening and then return home on a Friday afternoon. There are many benefits to weekly boarding which include the following:

  • You have the support of specialist tutors who are there to assist you with your homework in the evenings
  • You don’t have long journeys every morning and evening after school
  • The boarding house is designed to ensure you are comfortable. This enables you to concentrate and focus on your studies without distraction
  • You can use the facilities in the evenings (for example, swimming pool, gym, football pitch, music room, dance studio)
  • You are able to learn the skills to gain independence, but still have the support of your family on weekends
  • You have a home away from home where you can conveniently leave all your school books, clothes and sports equipment



Flexi-boarding is when a student wishes to stay in the boarding house for a shorter period of time, with the minimum being one week (5 nights). This can be useful for the student and parents in the following situations:

  • If the parents are travelling and they do not want their child to miss any school days
  • During exam periods, where it is beneficial for the child to be in a structured environment with academic tutors on hand to provide support
  • During unplanned emergencies (for example hospital stays)

Flexi boarding can be requested depending on the availability of places in the boarding houses.

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SISD offers full, weekly and flexi boarding accommodation to girls and boys ages 11-18.

The newly furnished boarding houses have four floors each, with 14 rooms and en-suite bathrooms in each double room for a total capacity of 100 students per house.

Each floor has a fully equipped pantry room and there is a spacious community room full of things to do for when the students have time to relax.

The dormitory building also features dedicated apartments for housemasters and tutors.

Food is one of the most important elements of boarding life – it’s certainly one of the most common questions from parents and students! We have an onsite catering team and kitchen in our dining hall, that is open 7 days a week. All boarding students enjoy a healthy breakfast every morning before school, lunch in the dining hall with school friends, and then an evening meal with their boarding colleagues.

At the weekend, boarding students enjoy a later breakfast / brunch type meal and then either have a BBQ, take-away evening or eat out as part of their social activities.

The menu is varied, developed in conjunction with the students, and rotated every 4 weeks.

Each floor of the boarding house also has its own kitchen, and students can make snacks and drinks at their leisure. Food is provided by the boarding staff, and students can request their favourite snacks.

Our menus are available to download here:

Boarder’s Breakfast

Boarder’s Brunch

Boarder’s Dinner – Week 1

Boarder’s Dinner – Week 2

Boarder’s Dinner – Week 3

Boarder’s Dinner – Week 4

Boarder’s Snacks

The welfare of our boarders is of the greatest importance, as parents have entrusted us to guide, nurture and develop their child to become a mature and healthy young adult. Leaving home can be an emotional time for a young person and their parents, but rest assured, our experienced boarding staff will ensure that every boarder feels safe, well-integrated and happy.

Boarders are offered outstanding levels of pastoral care, reflecting our commitment to creating a genuine home away from home. Every boarding house has its own carefully selected staff, who care for the boarders’ welfare and practical needs, with the support of the school’s Medical Centre.

The twenty-four hour nature of boarding means that the staff live alongside the boarders and they are always on hand to offer support, guidance and advice. Boarders follow a structured routine which encourages them to get the most out of their time. Homework sessions are supervised and help can be given where necessary.

Learn more about Pastoral Care at Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai.

Meet our Boarding Student Alina : 

How old are you and where are you from?

I am fourteen years old and from Russia.

What is your favorite subject at school?

My favourite subject is Maths, but I also like the foreign languages: French and English. I adore Maths because it is very interesting to me. It also improves my memory. If I understand something in Maths, I will never forget it.

What activities do you enjoy most at SISD?

I enjoy After School Activities the most, because you can do many different things and don’t need to leave school. Also, I enjoy that all the teachers are friendly and always ask you, “All good?” And if you have some problems in their subjects, they will help you.

You just arrived in Dubai, what do you like about this city?

I really admire this city because it used to be a vast desert and now it is a very rich and famous city, which attracts many tourists from all over the world.


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Student Visa

We are pleased to inform you that all of our Full Boarders can be offered a student visa.  The student visa application process is managed by the school and we may need to request specific documents from the parents in order to complete the application.  Parents of Weekly Boarders must provide proof that the child is sponsored to live in the UAE.

Medical Insurance

Full Boarders who have a visa provided by the school must also purchase health insurance, this can be provided by SISD if need be. If the parents provide the visa for the boarder they must also ensure that they have adequate health insurance. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about the health insurance provided by SISD.

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