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What to do in Dubai during the Summer

School is out, and the fun has begun! It’s a wonderful time to explore great things to do, whether to go on exciting adventures with your kids, or have them learn and experience new things. But where does one start on this grand journey? Let’s look at some fun things that you can do in and around the city during the summer.

  1. Get your kids to brush up on their reading
  2. Reading is a habit that should be cultivated and celebrated, both in and out of school! Different books will be accessible to your kids at different ages, and you can get them to enjoy reading by providing them with recommendations that are appropriate for them. To get started, check out this reading list for the summer!

      2. Indoor skydiving

Want the feeling of the wind in your face as you plummet from altitudes of thousands of feet – without the altitude part? Indoor skydiving at iFLY Dubai is the place for you and your kids. At iFLY, visitors are suspended up to four meters in the air by powerful fans, simulating the effect of “bungee jumping, skydiving and even base jumping,” while staying aloft for longer than you would if you were actually falling. Our boarding students actually took a trip to iFLY Dubai last May, where they had a blast!

  1. Go on museum trips

Dubai has a rich cultural tradition, along with a powerful push by the government to promote this culture in many ways. That’s why it has such a diverse array of museums – so many, in fact, that you probably won’t get to visit all of them throughout the summer! Every museum has something new to offer, and you and your kids will have a fun, engaging learning experience checking them out. Try this list of Dubai’s museums to help you get started.

Recently we also featured the Louvre Abu Dhabi as a great museum to visit. Just an hour’s drive away from Dubai, it has hundreds of artworks from different artists, and even features a Children’s Museum that your kids are sure to love.

  1. Summer camps

Swiss International School Dubai hosts exciting and educational summer camps that are open to both SISD and non-SISD students. Each camp lasts one week, and features Sports, Swimming, Horse-riding and Technology programmes that are tailored to different age groups. They’re a great choice for your kids for them to have fun, meet new friends, and of course keep the learning going even during the holidays!



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