The best summer activities for kids

With such a huge majority of your kids’ lives revolving around school every year, it may be easy to lose sight of the activities that they can have when they don’t have the structure of going to class every day. But there’s always a lot of things that they can do, whether at home or outdoors. Let’s explore some of the best summer activities for kids that are sure to be a blast for them!

Try out a new sport

With the holidays now in session, your kids have the opportunity to focus intensely on something that they might not have had the time for previously. Have your kids choose from any of the many available summer sports clinics and programs that are available in the city! Sports for kids are perfect for developing confidence and team-building skills, and are a great opportunity to make new friends as well. And of course, a sport will keep them fit and healthy, rather than idling indoors for the entire vacation.


During school months, kids’ travel opportunities are generally restricted to day or weekend trips. The vacation is the perfect chance to bring them somewhere distant, for as long as an entire week! Travel will expand your children’s horizons and give them lasting memories and experiences that you can’t replicate in a classroom or at home. You can also encourage them to keep a travel journal in which they can practice writing about new places and ideas, as well as keep track of what they learn about geography, history, and culture wherever they go.

Go camping

The great outdoors are a woefully underexplored idyllic paradise for many kids today. Give your kids a grand camping experience at one of the many beaches or forests in the region! Taking time to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of modern technology and society has a variety of benefits, including reduced stress, improved mood, and more exposure to the sun. It also promotes fitness and health, and could also teach sustainability concepts and a better appreciation for the environment.

Make the most out of your summer

Whatever your kids do this summer, it’s important that they don’t just idle around waiting for something to come to them. Teach them to be proactive about something they want to do, explore new activities in and around the city and present them to you for your review and approval. This teaches a sense of independence that will certainly help them when they’re welcomed back into the halls of Swiss International School Dubai.

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