Benefits of Attending International Boarding Schools

The jump to secondary school marks a significant milestone for any child. It brings not only their journey into adolescence, but also represents a time of development in which they begin to discover their future life path. With this considered, finding the school that’s right for your son or daughter is important.

But where to start?

You want to choose a school that allows them to achieve the best they can whilst meeting new friends and making lifetime memories. While most parents would simply choose the school closest with the best reputation, one option you may not have considered is for your child to attend an international boarding school abroad.

As the name suggests, an international boarding school will see your child travel to pristine educational institutions across the globe where they will spend their term time working hard and meeting new friends. While this may seem like a scary idea for you and your child, this blog will outline the numerous advantages of attending an international boarding school like the Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai.


Extensive Education Standards

One of the key benefits of international boarding schools is the quality of education your child will receive. As highlighted by recent research into the different educational outputs between public and international boarding schools, those who attend boarding schools academically outperformed their UK public school counterparts to an extensive degree. With a wide range of academic experts and more manageable class sizes, international boarding schools provide a tailored learning experience that ensures no child is left struggling behind their peers. These educational standards are passed onto pupils’ creating a learning conducive environment that drives cooperative problem-solving life skills and pushes academic capability.

At the Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai, you can rest assured that your child will live and breathe academic excellence. Unlike the public schooling system which treats education as a memory game, our international boarding school provides students with fundamental employability skills through an experience-based approach to learning.  Pupils also engage with wide-ranging co-curriculum and bilingual activities which allow them to improve their general skill set and discover additional hidden talents.


Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

Attending an international boarding school is one of the most invaluable experiences someone can have, providing the life skills and maturity in preparation for university life and/or their future career. Unlike traditional public schooling, international boarding schools allow you to take part in a variety of sports and activities outside of teaching hours. Whether it be taking it to the indoor ski slopes or going for a quick swim, boarding schools offer a life-building activity for everyone. We at SSID are always encouraging our pupils to make the most out of their experience and engage in our plethora of extracurricular activities such as gymnastics, robotics, sports and many more.

Additionally, living away from home, exploring the gorgeous scenery, and being placed in a unique environment will allow your child to obtain independence. Your child will also be living, learning, and growing with individuals from a wide range of multicultural backgrounds, ensuring they can make groups of lifelong friends and make memories to cherish for the rest of their life.

With so many job roles today restricted from the public domain and given to those with employer connections, these global friendships open the door for future employer network connections. Choosing to study at the SISD not only offers a platform in which to build these life skills but as an institution, we are highly valued by employers. We go above and beyond to provide our pupils with an enriched and diverse learning environment that ensures they have the academic, practical and life skills sought by employers.


State-of-the-art facilities

In addition to employing the best academically certified and industry-based tutors, international boarding schools also have the best state-of-the-art facilities. These facilities support a much wider range of subjects than would be seen within a public school. To name a few, international boarding schools have deluxe library facilities, Luxury sporting pitches and equipment and professional performing arts centres. Whatever subject your child looks to study, rest assured that an international boarding school will have the perfect facilities and equipment that allow them to get the most from their academic study.

At the Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai, we offer the class-leading quality for which Swiss education is known. Through the International Baccalaureate, we offer our students class-leading quality, state-of-the-art educational facilities and top-tier innovation labs that ensure nothing but the best for our pupils.

These are just a few reasons why you should consider an international boarding school as the secondary school experience of choice for your child. By choosing to study at the Swiss International Scientific School they will be enrolling with one of the best schools in Dubai, gaining the life, employability skills and experience that make boarding schools an increasingly desired educational choice. If you’re interested in Dubai as an option for your child’s schooling, then get in touch with our admissions team today.

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