Getting ready to return to school after the summer break

With the summer holidays coming to an end, the start of the school term can sometimes be met with mixed emotions. It’s important that you and your children are ready so you can smoothly switch back to that school routine. It’s easy to put off some tasks until the very last minute, so we’ve put together some tips for getting ready to return to school after the summer break so the return to school can be headache and stress-free.

Introduce your routine

Summer holidays mean later nights and more lie-ins, so getting to bed earlier might be trickier straight away, to make life a little easier start introducing earlier bedtimes and earlier mornings a week before school begins so your child can gradually get used to their school time sleeping pattern. You can also make sure your children are eating at the same times they would be at school so they can acclimatize to their school eating schedule.

Adding a little bit of learning into the last week of summer break will also allow your child to get back into the mindset of school. Start with asking general questions about what they learned last year to refresh their memory and remind them of what they know, ready for this year.


Getting ready for school  

Some children love heading back to school, to see their friends and enjoy after school activities. However, some children may be a little more apprehensive or may even be dreading it.

Have a conversation with your children before they return, ask them what they are looking forward to and if there’s anything they are worried about. This will give your child an opportunity to speak up about any concerns they have and gives you a chance to solve them to settle your child. It may just be a case of speaking to them and getting them into the spirit of returning to school. For any major concerns, you will have time to speak to a teacher before the term starts, to allow any extra support for your child to be put into place.

Get your shopping list ready, for there are always things you need to get for the start of the term. Check your children’s uniforms and if they need any replacements, sizes up, or spares. Any notepads and stationery that may be needed or if your child is taking any extra or new classes, they may need new equipment or uniform. Allowing time before the summer holidays end, ensures you have time to get everything your child will need without having to rush at the very last minute.

Create a relationship with the school

It’s important that you and your children know when the terms start, the school times and any transport arrangements. Keep in contact with the school and be up to date with any newsletters, posted, social media pages such as Facebook, or emails sent and information for parents on the school’s website. Communicate to your children, with any school updates you may have received and check if they were sent home with any letters or news when the summer term ended. This will allow you and your children to have open communication and a clear knowledge of the expected routine after the summer holidays.

Set some goals

A great way to plan for the new term is to set some goals for yourself and your children. Whether that’s getting homework completed or setting aside an hour a day to help them with homework. Planning your time can positively impact how your children perform. If they don’t make their own lunches, you could set them a time the night before to get their lunches ready to introduce them to thinking and planning more independently. You may wish to set goals for grades with certain rewards for each grade they achieve this year. This gives them the motivation to do well and start the school year with a positive determined attitude.

Summer Homework

Summer homework is the best way for your children to show their highest level of work. With the whole summer to complete it, they shouldn’t be handing over any poor quality or rushed work. Make sure your children have completed all their summer homework before the start of school. This will avoid any last-minute panic and rushed sloppy work if they had forgotten.

Pack and relax

With enough time before the summer break ends, make sure your children are packed for their first day. Check if sports kits are needed, or textbooks. Then once they’re all packed you can relax, knowing that you have done everything you possibly can for that stress-free transition back to school.

If this is your child’s first year of school, please check our first-day information page for parents. This includes a uniform list, canteen menu, bus times, and more.

Now you should be feeling a little more prepped and ready, with our tips on returning to school after the summer break. That transition from late summer evenings to early school mornings should now be headache and stress-free!

We look forward to welcoming you and your family back to school.










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