Boarding in Dubai: A Unique Cultural Experience

Open-mindedness and cultural sensitivity are skills best learnt from experience. Luckily, our boarding students get a unique cultural education that sets them up to become successful world citizens. Here are 4 ways our boarding school provides our students with a one-of-a-kind cultural experience.

1. Unique weekend trips

It is no secret that Dubai likes to entertain. From the world’s deepest pool to the world’s tallest building it would be impossible to run out of things to do. Our boarding students have had the chance to explore this city extensively. Through desert trips, visits to attraction parks, EXPO and even scenic boat trips around the palm. This gives them the chance to have a variety of experiences and make the most of their time in Dubai. Read more about why you should choose Dubai as a boarding destination here.

2. Front row seats to Arabic culture

Arabic culture is rich and diverse and being able to experience it first hand is a great privilege. Our school recently hosted an Iftar, the meal at sunset that breaks the daily fast during Ramadan. During that event our boarding students got to enjoy Arabic food, music and various aspects of the culture including henna artists and Turkish ice cream. On top of that, being able to experience Ramadan in a country that celebrates it is an amazing experience. Many of the core values of Islam are put on display during this time which allows everyone else to gain a deeper understanding of the culture and the people in it.

3. Meeting people from all over the world

Cultural sensitivity is not developed only by exposure to different cultures but also by communicating and sharing ideas with people belonging to them. SISD has no shortage of cultural diversity from our student population with over 74 different nationalities. This allows our students to constantly challenge their world view and open up their minds to different perspectives. For our boarding students, this exposure to culture doesn’t end with the school day. Indeed, the boarding houses welcomes people from all around the world.

4. Learning Arabic

Learning a new language is not an easy endeavour but learning a language in the country where it is spoken is the ideal environment to succeed. Indeed, being constantly exposed to written and spoken language and being able to practice with native speakers in real-life situations is the best way to learn. On top of that, being able to speak one of the most used languages in the world will make our students very competitive candidates on the job market.


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