Transition from Early Years to Primary tips

With the end of the school year approaching, there are many important milestones coming up. Our KG2 students will soon transition to primary years. Children in primary grades experience longer school hours, workloads, and real studying.


At SISD, we have various events planned to ensure a smooth transition for these students. In this blog, we’ll discuss four ways to ensure your child’s smooth transition from early years to primary grades.


Include KG2 students in primary events


SISD’s Early Years programme includes Pre-KG, KG1, and KG2. The Primary School is for students aged 6 to 10, in Grades 1 through 5. These students follow the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), a curriculum framework that’s learner-centred, inquiry driven, concept-based and transdisciplinary. Our approach provides multiple points of entry for students and gives teachers opportunities to teach small groups and have one-to-one facilitation. Learning through inquiry allows for personalising learning. All the while building the cognitive, social and emotional, and communication skills necessary for success in school and life.


Inquiry capitalises on children’s natural curiosity, guides activities, and makes learning authentic.

Primary students learn to make meaning of their world in significant, relevant, engaging and universal contexts.


Two events primary school students are involved in are our science show and STEAM fair. KG2 students can attend these events to familiarise themselves with the kinds of things they will be learning when they enter primary. At last year’s STEAM fair, primary students learned about what plants need to grow, and what they need to become keen gardeners.


Create links between KG2 and Grade 1 students


We teach mathematics, languages (French or German), science, social studies, Arabic, art, music and physical education to early years students for 40 minutes daily. There is nonetheless an emphasis on play and indoor and outdoor activities to foster inquiry, exploration, and discovery. Primary school subjects include Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Arabic (for mother tongue speakers), UAE Social Studies, Islamic Studies, Moral Education, Art and Music, Personal, Social, Physical Education, and Technology Innovation. We teach all lessons besides Art, Music and Physical Education in both English and French/German as part of our bilingual programme.

Schools can facilitate transitions by organising activities that KG2 and Grade 1 (G1) students can do together. Younger students may notice things G1 students do better, so they will expect to learn new things when they enter the first grade. G1 students can also see how they have progressed and take a leadership role in helping younger students.


Meet G1 teachers


Each school year means new school experiences for your child, including new teachers. One way parents can ease their child’s transition to primary grades is to introduce them to G1 teachers.


If your child is not yet attending SISD, we offer individual school tours daily from 4 to 5pm, or you can visit our school on a virtual tour. You can also get introduced to G1 teachers online.


Workshops for parents


SISD offers workshops for parents whose children may transition to new grade levels, and other schools may do the same. Workshops help parents have their questions answered and prepare for their child’s transition to primary years. Primary grades will help students develop essential skills such as time management and study habits on their own instead of with parents. You should also encourage their independence, as they’ll need it to sustain themselves through school without their parents’ constant help.


You will want to sit down with your child and get them excited about what to expect in G1. This way, the changes in the school structure don’t cause anxiety or shock. They should know that change is part of growing up. And understand that entering a new grade means making new friends and doing more things they couldn’t before.


SISD also offers handbooks, policies, a staff contact list, online parent portal, and a guide on preparing for your child’s first day.


For more information about our early years or primary programmes, contact our Admissions team at

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