How to Prepare for the future

The new school year is less than a month away, and many of our kids are transitioning into brand-new lives in different programs. For some of them, especially those who are about to enter the International Baccalaureate Degree Program, it may be worth preparing for as early as now, to ensure a smooth transition and readiness for new challenges that will determine their future prospects. This week’s blog entry, leading up to the start of school, talks about how your kids can prepare for the future of their education.

Research the subjects you want to pick, and choose what you enjoy

One of the highlights of the International Baccalaureate Degree Program is its flexibility, allowing students to choose their subjects of inquiry. Up to this point, IB students will have been encouraged to expand their horizons and explore what they love doing, so they should have at least an idea of what subjects motivate them. Taking up the subjects they enjoy will give them a leg up in education.

Have university in mind as early as now

IBDP graduates are recognized by thousands of schools across dozens of countries around the world, giving students a wide variety of choices as to where they’ll take up university. Some universities, however, have specific requirements, such as language proficiency and Higher Level courses. Students should narrow down what universities they’re interested in and check out the requirements so that they can build them once they start the two-year program. Swiss International School Dubai provides for its students through the College Counselling Team, who can help assist them in making decisions in this field.

Talk to your seniors

There’s no teacher like experience, and incoming IBDP students would do well to learn from the experiences of their seniors. It’s a different, difficult, and unique educational environment that will be unlike anything they’ve ever experienced, and one excellent way of preparing for the future is to learn what sort of challenges, expectations, and obstacles face them.

Enjoy the process of learning

We’ve talked about challenges and difficulties and new experiences, but ultimately, the IBDP is one of the finest avenues of education at this stage of any child’s life, and they should be encouraged to enjoy what they’re learning and don’t assume that they’ll have a terrible time adjusting. SISD’s faculty is always willing to help them every step of the way, to help them secure their future in an increasingly globalized world.

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