New Arabic Bilingual programme launching at SISD

Our new bilingual Arabic and English programme launches this September 2021, and will initially be offered to students in PreKG to KG2.

This unique programme allows younger students to develop a good understanding of the Arabic language, customs and culture, whilst experiencing the benefits of an IB education. All subjects are taught in both Arabic and English, and learners will attend additional language lessons of a third language (either French or German) twice a week.

Students will also become immersed in UAE and Arabic culture, traditions, heritage and customs – through storytelling, the study of local art, music and Arabic culture.

Students will be taught by an experienced Arabic early years specialist, and supported by a qualified English-speaking teaching assistant. We will be following the framework of the IB Primary years Programme, and the MOE Arabic language curriculum

Amina El Difrawi, Head of Early Years at SISD said ““As a truly bilingual IB school, this new programme of Arabic / English is a compelling addition to our existing bilingual programmes at SISD. We are delighted to be able to incorporate the local language of the Middle East with our innovative and successful co-teaching language approach and IB experience. This is a unique programme in Dubai, and one that we believe will appeal not only to local Emirati and Arabic speaking families, but also to expat families wanting their young children to have an understanding of the Arabic language and culture. The programme will also be enriched by UAE and Arab customs, traditions, heritage, and will include Classical Arabic language arts, music, story-telling and lots more.”

We will rely on advanced Classic Arabic language standards and objectives to enhance and improve students’ basic language skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and presentation. Additional Islamic and story-telling classes will be available after school to supplement the Arabic learning.

We have also substantiated that these standards and objectives are compatible and integratable with the IB standards that stimulate research, inquiry, and critical thinking through reflection and creativity, which in turn contribute to the demonstration of learner’s profile attributes: Responsible, open-minded, thinker, caring, knowledgeable, courageous, communicator, balanced and principled.

At the same time, students will be provided with many digital books and learning apps through Arabic language platforms such as ‘I read Arabic,’ ‘Kam Kalema,’ and many more.

Our school library also provides a variety of books and resources, which helps deepen the students’ understanding of the Arabic language and culture, aids in boosting their confidence, ease their integration with others, and builds their international-mindedness.

For more information about the bilingual Arabic and English programme, please contact our Admissions team –

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