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Welcome to Early Years!

We designed our educational programmes with the needs and welfare of your children in mind. Our campus provides the child-friendly environment you are looking for, with lessons that are designed to keep children engaged and eager to learn. At Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai, we strive to make our students’ stay far from just an ordinary day at school and we have put our heart and soul into making Early Years learning the most ‘wonder’-ful experience possible. Your child’s future starts here, and we feel privileged to be an important part of these memorable and very precious ‘wonder years’.

Emmanuel Gauthier
Head of Phases 1 & 2

The Early Years programme at Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai has been carefully designed to encourage inquiry-based learning for children. We follow the programme of the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) and provide young learners with the opportunity to inquire in a multilingual and multicultural environment that provides a wide range of opportunities academically, culturally, socially and physically. Early learning in the Primary Years Programme is a holistic experience that promotes play, discovery and exploration within a dynamic environment.

Students are fortunate to learn in a multilingual and multicultural environment that provides a wide range of opportunities academically, culturally, socially and physically. The IB acknowledges that young learners are intelligent, capable and creative individuals who develop and learn at different rates. They explore their environment and learn about their world through play and relationships with family, teachers and community members. Learning is hands-on and students are therefore given the freedom (in a prepared environment guided by the teacher), to enquire into and learn about the world around them. This encourages social interaction and team work. Each learning style and attainment level is taken into account by teachers, as every student learns differently. Children participate in free flow activities that allow them to progress at their own pace, develop independence and have the freedom to move between indoor and outdoor areas. Children take part in specialist classes such as Music, Physical Education and Arts. Early Years learning instils a desire for life-long learning. Our aim is that children learn real life skills to enable them to succeed in today’s ever changing environment. We encourage children to be independent thinkers, develop excellent communication skills and become principled, open-minded individuals.

View our Curriculum for more information on the programme structure.

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In Early Years we value the importance of play and students are able to inquire, explore and discover different areas both indoors and outdoors by doing free flow, continuous provision, student led and adult led activities.  Throughout the week, children attend 40 minute lessons of mathematics, languages (French or German), science, social studies, Arabic, art, music and physical education . 

At SISD, qualified English as Additional Language (EAL), French as Additional Language (FAL) and German as Additional Language (GAL) teachers provide specific English, French and German support from KG1 to Grade 9 to learners who face challenges in accessing curriculum due to language barriers.

    • KG 1: English support can be provided for beginners and/or students with low English proficiency level
    • KG 2: French, German and English support.

For details on the organisation of Language Support in Early Years please download the Language Support Policy.