How our Students from Different Cultures Celebrate the Festive Season

As the year draws to a close, people from various corners of the world come together to celebrate the festive season. At SISD, we are lucky enough to host students of over 100 different nationalities, so we see families celebrating their festive seasons in many different ways. While the essence of these celebrations is universal […]

What are the benefits of weekly boarding? 

In the last few years, weekly boarding has become an increasingly popular option for parents. Weekly boarding means students stay at the boarding school Monday to Friday and return home at the weekend. This option provides a balance between the boarding experience and the comforts of home.    Weekly boarding offers students qualified academic support  Our […]

What are the Benefits of Nursery Rhymes?

This week at SISD we celebrated World Nursery Rhyme Week. Nursery rhymes aren’t just songs that we never seem to forget even well into adulthood; they are actually incredibly beneficial to children, fostering creativity, cognitive development, and physical skills.  Nursery rhymes aid in literacy and language development Firstly, nursery rhymes are beneficial for literacy and […]