Technology in Schools!

For better or for worse, modern technology has changed our lives, and it’s definitely here to stay. And one of the most urgent and fundamental changes it’s having on society is in education.

Is it always a good thing, the entry of technology into the classroom? After all, there are news reports of children getting fixated on mobile video games on their tablets, or studies that show that handwritten notes provide better retention and learning than notes typed up on a laptop.

However, with the proper application, technology in schools can definitely be a boon to student learning and interaction, in a variety of important ways.

The foremost advantage is found in the sheer volume of information available online today. From news archives and encyclopedias, to scientific journals and online libraries, never in human history has there been such unfettered access to knowledge, and in such an easy-to-search fashion as well. In response to this, various educational curricula have shifted away from a more textbook-oriented, rote memorization-based forms of learning, to learning that focuses more on critical thinking and application of learnings. By equipping students with tablets and laptops that can easily access this knowledge, they can spend less time memorizing formulas, dates, and facts and figures, and focus more on analysis and problem solving.

In addition, interactive technologies can make learning more engaging for students, at any level. A variety of solutions exist for every subject, including gamified apps, interactive media, and virtual tours of historic places.

Technology also improves the fundamental aspect of student evaluation, through electronic test-taking and assignments. Teachers who use online platforms may have an easier time tracking student performance, and through data analytics, help adjust students’ workload or advise them more effectively.

Finally, using technology is itself a learning experience, especially in STEM fields. In particular, integrating programming, robotics, software development, 3D printing, and other modern tech in the classroom will better prepare students for a future in which these fields are commonplace. By making technology a seamless part of the learning experience, students will be adapted to a technological lifestyle, and gain a deeper appreciation of technology.

Of course, technology isn’t a magic bullet – it requires a competent curriculum and a well-versed faculty in order to make the most out of it. Choosing the right school is more than just finding whatever has the most high-tech facilities.

Swiss International School Dubai fully integrates technology into its curriculum, through innovative facilities that students may access both during and outside of class hours. It weaves technology into the bilingual International Baccalaureate curriculum, which promotes analytical thinking over textbook-based learning. Through its expert use of technology, Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai aims to make learning stimulating and engaging, as well as provide students with experience in handling modern technological tools, that will prove essential to an increasingly technically-oriented, globalized world.


Watch this pilot project our students created during Spring break : Minecraft in education!

Join our  Tech. and STEM summer camp to be part of the next project!

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